Make HTML5 slideshows on iOS devices.

The app is compatible with
iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.

It's free. It's easy. It's awesome.

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Intuitive 3-step workflow

Add photos: Run SlideWow, you will see 12 pre-added photos. Click one of them, then a red cross will show on that photo, click the "Remove" button to remove this photo. You can remove the rest by using the same way. Click the "Add" button to start importing photos from your iSO device to SlideWow.

Choose Theme: Click the "Theme" button on the top right, you will see all the HTML5 slideshow themes. Click the one you link, a blue check mark will show on that HTML5 slideshow template.

Publish HTML5 slideshow: Click the "Publish" button on the top right, create a Go2Album account or use the temporary account to login Go2Album first, set titles, descriptions, tags and limitations if you like, click the "Upload" button to upload your HTML5 slideshow to Go2Album

add photos,choose theme and publish slideshow
flexible customize settings

Easy to share and embed

Share: After finish uploading your HTML5 slideshow to Go2Album through the last step (Publish HTML5 slideshow), you will get a link from SlideWow. You can view your HTML5 Slideshow from that link and you can share your HTML5 slideshow to friends by sending that link.

Embed: You can embed your HTML5 slideshows to your websites or blogs. Login your Go2Album account, open the link of the HTML5 slideshow you want to embed, click the "Embed..." tab on the right, click the html5 codes from "Embed:", select all the HTML5 codes and then paste the codes to your web pages or blogs.

Full browsers and devices support

Browsers: The HTML5 slideshow powered by SlideWow can be played in Chrome, Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. No flash player needed when playing it.

Devices: Besides watching your HTML5 slideshows on computer, you can also watch it on your mobile phone and tablet like iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S3, Google Nexus 7, etc.

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